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Strain Labels: Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies

Created in: Adobe Illustrator CC 2020

Sugar Cookies is an Indica-dominant hybrid possessing an aromatic sweetness that influenced this strain’s name.

Christmas sugar cookies shaped like letters and snowflakes are to used visualize the sweet aroma of the Sugar Cookies cannabis strain.

Strain Label: Kush Cake

Kush Cake

Created in: Adobe Illustrator CC 2020

Kush Cake is a soothing, indica-dominant hybrid. Carrying the tangy, sweet earthy tones of Wedding Cake, and the fresh, minty undertones of Mint Kush, this strain produces euphoric and relaxing full-body effects.

In the above strain label design, the use of a mint-green gradient works as frosting for the cake which has “settled-in” comfortably. The font used is Sweet Leaf, created by Gaut Fonts.